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What This Is:

Eine Brise (‘A Breeze’) is an avant-garde musical performance piece for 111 bicyclists that was written by Mauricio Kagel in 1996. Monday Evening Concerts is presenting the Los Angeles premiere of the work.


Around the Colburn School (200 S. Grand Ave.) in downtown Los Angeles.


Monday, February 22, 2010, from 5:30 p.m. until approximately 8:50 p.m.

  • Advance registration is required. We already have 111 registered bikers, but it would be great to have more bikers come on a stand-by basis.
  • When you arrive at 5:30 p.m., we’ll provide you with a bell (if you don’t have one), a bib with your number in the formation, and ask you to sign a standard waiver and release form.
  • If you’re biking to the event, we’ll have volunteers directing you toward our check-in area, which will be at the cul-de-sac on Lower Grand north of Kosciuszko Way. The area on Lower Grand is a little confusing, but just look for other bicyclists and remember that Lower Grand is directly under Grand Avenue. Kosciuszko Way can be accessed from Olive to the East or Hope to the West.
  • If you’re driving to the event, park in Joe’s Parking Lot (the open air parking lot South of Disney Concert Hall). We’ll let the attendant know to expect you. Then you can walk right over on the sidewalk with your bike to the check-in area.
  • Please note that before 6:00, the streets will not be closed to vehicular traffic. Make sure to obey all traffic rules and watch for cars.
  • At 6:00, we will begin rehearsing on Lower Grand, which will be closed off to vehicular traffic between Kosciuszko Way and the Loading Docks at the Wells Fargo Center.
  • We will split up into small groups to make sure everyone knows the sounds and sequence of events. We will then assemble in formation without our bicycles and practice walking through the piece. Then we’ll add the bicycles in.
  • The performance will begin at approximately 8:40, taking place during the intermission of the concert.
  • It will be over within a few minutes. See area map at the bottom of this page.
  • In the event of rain, the performance may be moved to Lower Grand, which is covered, or rain ponchos will be provided. The event will NOT be postponed or cancelled. Please turn out, rain or shine!

What We Ask of You:

  • Performers will need to bring their own bicycles.
  • Each performer needs a bell. If you do not have a bell, we will supply one.
  • There is a musical score for the piece with very simple instructions, but musical knowledge is not required.
  • Bicyclists will ride for only a few blocks at a very slow speed (5 mph) in a specific formation while performing a sequence of different musical sounds (whistling, ringing bells, singing simple melody, etc). However, the total time commitment is around 3 and a half hours, beginning at 5:30 p.m. See above for schedule.
  • Please watch the Training Video below.
  • This is a volunteer engagement. We will provide a light snack and water, and you can bring your own food, too. Performers will be able to receive free bicycle valet parking courtesy of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition and attend the second half of the concert, which includes Mauricio Kagel’s Trio in Three Movements.

Event overview:

Training Video with sound samples by conductor Marc Lowenstein:

Please watch this video a few times at home so you can get the hang of things in advance.

Review the Score:

[ View complete score as PDF | View images all on one page ]

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:
What happens if it rains?
It is expected to rain on Monday morning, but clear up in the afternoon and remain dry through the evening. If the forecast is wrong and it does rain, we will perform the piece on Lower Grand Avenue which is covered, and the audience will come down to us. We will start on a covered section of 4th street, make a left on Lower Grand, and then make a right on Kosciuszko Way. We may also pass out rain ponchos with hoods for extra protection. Regardless of the weather, we will have a great performance. The acoustics of the cavernous area of Lower Grand will guarantee a wonderful sonic experience. The performance goes on rain or shine, and we’re counting on you to be with us!
What should I wear?
Whatever you want. The temperature dip into in the 50s when it gets dark, so we suggest you dress warmly (gloves, sweater, jacket, etc.).
What happens after the performance?
After the performance, you will bike back to the cul-de-sac on Lower Grand, where you can leave your bike with the bicycle valet parking service should you want to attend the concert.
What is bicycle valet parking?
It’s just like valet parking for cars, and it’s being provided by the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition. The valet parking area will be at the cul-de-sac on Lower Grand, which is fully covered. You will then walk up to the concert hall where you can watch the second half of the concert in Zipper Hall. After the concert, you can walk back and claim your bicycle.
Will I have to pay to hear the second half of the concert?
No. We will save seats for you so you can enjoy the second half of the concert, which will be performed by some of L.A.’s finest musicians.
Can my friends come and watch for free?
The outdoor performance of Eine Brise is free and open to the public. Of course, we suggest they come to the entire concert to enjoy more music of Mauricio Kagel. Tickets are available at
If I drive to the event, will I have to pay for parking?
No. We will make arrangements for you to park for free at Joe’s Parking Lot on Kosciuszko Way, south of Disney Concert Hall. Just let the attendant know you're with the bike event.
If I borrow a bell, can I keep it?
Yes. We appreciate your time and effort in making this event possible, and we hope you enjoy your bell as a memento of this event.
What happens if I'm running late?
Don’t worry. Please show up to rehearsal even if you’re late. We’ll make sure you get caught up and can take part in the performance. If you need to reach us on the day of the event, you can call this number: (310) 497-5837.
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Support for this concert provided by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles
and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition